Saturday, November 28, 2009

Guide For Risk Assesment Study For Industrial Explosion

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About this book : Risk assessment is considered by many analysts to be an objective scientific tool. It is considered to be variously influenced by broader issues which in turn have important practical implications both for risk assessors and decision makers. Explosion is very dangerous event that might bring death, damage to infrastructure and environmental surrounding. Management of Risk is very important for engineers and environmental safety and health manager. This book written by acknowledged experts in the field, the articles cover more focus to guide the reader on how to do the risk assessment study by quantitative and qualitative methods.

Pages : Pages 178

Contents :

1.0 What Is Risk Assessment ?

2.0 Industrial Process and Explosion Risk.

3.0 Type of Explosion.

4.0 Qualitative method for risk assessment for industrial explosion.

5.0 Quantitative method for risk assessment for industrial explosion.

6.0 Example case study no.1 Risk Assessment Study For Storage Explosive

7.0 Examples case study no.2 Risk Assessment Study For Explosion in Oil and Gas Tank

8.0 Example case study no.3 Risk Assesment Study For Explosion In Power Plant

Written By : Engineer Abdul Rahman Mahmud
Environmental Engineers.
Over 10 years experiences on risk assessment study.
Masters in Environmental Engineering From University Putra of Malaysia.
Bach.of Engineering Bio Process.

Working Experiences:
Environmental Consultant At Sinoh Environmental Consultant
Researcher Assistant at Faculty Of Engineering UPM
Process Engineer at Manimore Resources Ltd. Malaysia

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